Internet access and Wi-Fi in London

Where can I find free Wi-Fi in London?

For the most part, London has excellent mobile phone signal for data and calls across all networks. However, data access can be very expensive for international visitors, so you are best sticking to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Most hotels include unlimited Wi-Fi in the cost of your room. When out and about, many restaurants also provide this for their diners. McDonalds’s and Starbucks provide free Wi-Fi access at their locations. If you happen to walk past an Apple Store, you can use their Wi-Fi too. Many coffee shops and restaurants also provide free Wi-Fi, although you may have to ask for an access code or register your details.

The City of London area is covered with free street-wide Wi-Fi almost everywhere too.

Virgin Media provides free Wi-Fi on the tube at stations and platforms for some UK mobile phone users; there are also paid access passes available. Many public libraries and museums also provide free access.

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