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Meet by the base of the statue of Queen Anne, located in front of St. Paul's Cathedral for an amazing look into the history and secrets of the City of London. Dating back to the year 43 AD, this is arguably the most fascinating side of the city - forget Westminster, this area goes back to the Roman days!

(Hotel pick-up and transport via public transport to the start location is available for a small extra charge.)

During your walking tour this is just some of what you will encounter:

  • Tales of the Great Plague and Great Fire of London
  • 700-year-old lodgings that have to be seen to be believed
  • Notorious prisons and beheading spots
  • Secret gardens, streets and squares with amazing stories
  • The story of building London and see remnants of the Roman Wall
  • Devastation left by The Blitz and WW2 and how The City has rebuilt itself
  • The truth behind nursery rhymes we are all taught as children
  • A unique perspective on some of the capital's biggest sights

All these highlights and many more are just waiting to be discovered mere minutes away from some of London's biggest sites. Let our guides amaze you!