Westminster Abbey Tours


Tour Royal London And Westminster

London is a unique city which is home to government, religious institutions and royalty all within steps of each other. A Westminster Tour will allow you explore the heart of London. 

As you tour Westminster, you can visit Westminster Abbey and marvel at this 800-year-old masterpiece where our royals are crowned. Westminster Abbey Tours are also available once inside the Abbey at an additional cost. Entry into the abbey is charged at £20 with an audio guide - live tours are also available with the vergers. Please note we cannot guide you inside the abbey due to restrictions on external guides.

Unfortunately, a Big Ben tour is reserved to UK residents who may write to their MP to arrange this. However, you CAN tour the Houses of Parliament and discover the UK government in the amazing Palace of Westminster tour.

Parliament Square is home to the Supreme Court and just down the road you can visit Westminster Cathedral, a hidden gem that many miss. Visit Downing Street from behind the black gates and see where our Prime Minister lives.

Just down Whitehall you can visit Horse Guards Parade, including the Cavalry museum as part of a Royal London Tour with Private London Tours. A visit would not be complete without seeing Clarence House, a visit to St. James’s Palace and the gem of the crown – Buckingham Palace.